Why can a theme author get away with removing a theme and then reupload as a different author

I bought a theme a few months ago on themeforest which was abrutly removed (Dont even think I got the support that I paid for). Now I see that this theme has been reuploaded by a author with a different name [Removed] The author is telling people via the comments that the other version was uploaded without there permission… even though if you do a bit of searching you can find that the deleted version by theme author [Removed] was using [Removed] website to show their demo and even have in the footer created by [Removed] on it.

Here is a google cache [Removed]

Please let support know https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new who will be able to investigate this for you.

In the meantime closing thread as per forum TOS around calling out authors or files.

Good luck