Why buy and sales in (3docean) are low!?

Why buy and sales in (3docean) are low there are people who made a 1000 items and sold only 300 items should salespeople do their job better or find a way to sell more in (3docean).

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There are much more popular online marketplaces for 3D assets, which is likely a big reason for low sales, and I think 3D assets in general just aren’t as popular of a thing to buy compared to website themes, stock photos, or graphics. I’m sure it would also help a lot of the authors of the items put more work into marketing them, I’m sure some do, but there are also those who drop hundreds of items in just to see if they get a few sales from them, rather than really working on making them a marketable product., the same thing happens on other marketplaces such as Graphicriver

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That is, it is better for writers like me to improve the level of their work venice (Envato) to approve things that are really good It is better to improve our items so that it is a monopoly work for the individual to be offered for sale.

I think every idea from small to big is respectable sometimes there is only one idea or a few ideas in mind, but it is better to present whatever you have in mind, it is better not to send any ideas or items.
the number of items is not very significant. Sometimes a person is looking for a particular item, so it is better to have a variety of items.

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It is true that every idea from small to large is respectable
But you have to pay attention to the quality of the items in order to have a good sale a large and varied number of items is good, but you have to have good quality.