Why authors doing this??

Many authors are fooling people. The are selling one product and on the next update the update is uploaded as new product but no support and update to the existing one. For this codecanyon is here?? we have to pay for the bugs by authors and we have to pay for fixing the bugs too??

Hi pkpatra13,

I Agree Some 1% Authors works part time. This case developers no time for update and support. This case effect Author and Product Ratings and Future sales. Author Rating and Product Rating negative impact to future sales. But 99% Other Developers Works on Full time. in This Marketplace many Trusted Companies And High Rated Freelance Developers also works.

Developers works dedicate always. I will request Don’t Blame all Developer. They are publishing many products including high functionality level themes and templates selling at low costs. Just think you can develop your own or freelancer charge compare time and cost ? you are just paying 1% product cost. This case you can appreciate to developers.

In case issues received from customers . then Developers team after fixes the all issues release the next update. But without any issues not required next update.

Default product not working properly then you can ask to item support. Developer team helps you free of charge.

Eg. Demo is working properly. after purchase not working this case you can ask to support.

When Documentation not clear or Documentation steps not works then ask to to developer this is your rights. Or Documentation is properly works Problem is only your Dev. Then you can request for customization based on your requirements developer charge for that.

Or In case you have customization issue or installation issue ? customization and installation not included in purchase. then you ask to support for customization. then they are charge for that.

You should always do a research before you buy an item. Just browse through the author portfolio to see if they keep their items up to date. Check out comments section and reviews for all items, not just the one you are interested in to see how they manage support, etc. This is the easiest way to filter out bad authors.


Because you’re scammer and fraud person. You’re selling all the licence on codelist.cc. I am author and You SPAMMING commenting on our product continues. Only question and SPAMMING COMMENT not buying single licence and you’re doing reselling. Here i am attaching the screenshot. (Removed)

Closing thread: @cscode_tech please share those links and images above to support who can act to take down and ban any profile doing this. Envato Authors Help and Support