Why are VideoHive's item so cheap?

Why are videohive’s item so cheap? In my opinions the price should be 5 times more.

And why can the authors not set their own prices?

They could increase the prices by five times, but then you’d probably just get five times less sales. For my non-exclusive portfolio, I know I don’t get anywhere near as many sales on other sites than I do here. As for why they’re that price in the first place, I guess they’re catering to a different market than a lot of other sites. Take a lot of Youtubers for example… they won’t have the budget for $40 a clip or $100 to $200 for a logo sting or template. The market is slowly shifting away from big studio budgets to a massive demand for more content that’s cheaper, better, faster etc.

Maybe there could be a sweet spot somewhere between $8 and $40, it’s hard to say, but I’m confident that Envato have run the numbers. I think HD was $6 a few years back, then it went to $7, and now it’s $8… so they do make adjustments from time to time.

Although this isn’t necessarily my stance, it could be said that if cameras, computers, software, rendering times, internet connections and storage devices are continually getting better, faster and cheaper… why are other sites items so expensive?

As for pricing… author driven pricing has recently been implemented for five different marketplaces now, so they might do the same for VideoHive at some point.

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Because it is single use license, other markets are Royalty free.

That’s a good point! The multi-use license for motion graphics items is four times more than the single use one… so it’s not far off five times more!

Nobody cares multi use license, so they buy single license and use as many as they want. Videohive problem is this. Only a few purchasers which are bigger companies buy multi use license. I have 1500+sales and i guess i sold onle 4-5 times multi use license. Now you really think others just use once my items?

What would you suggest? Remove the single use license, increase the price by four, and people can use things as many times as they like?

There is no chance to check customers obey the laws. Maybe this is the solution. Not 4x price but I think one price a little higher is the best solution. I know a customer use my background for almost all his youtube videos. I didn’t do anything because i know most of them doing this. Or maybe envato give us a choice. One price -like 15 dollars- or the existing price system. I don’t know. All I know is that 32$ multi use license doesn’t work.

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You’re aware that people are allowed to use the item up to 52 times, as long as it’s part of a series, even on a single use license? So if the background is used in a series if videos, then they can use it multiple times?

Well that’s nice, I get 2$ for video after all the taxes and they get to use it 52 times. So it’s 3.8¢ per use. Seems fair…

Although I agree with you on what you say here I do have a big concern right now! The rejection problem! I mean, com`on, if the items are SO CHEAP, the cheapest in the market why Envato are demanding only high quality items??? It does not seams at all a fair play! And I do not mean to accept all the crap, but you know very well that they are rejecting VERY GOOD quality items! So this is a HUGE problem right now!

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I’d rather they kept the standard higher. I mean what heppens if they lower the standards? You get all your items approved, but your sales are nothing to write home about. If you get rejected, then your forced to make considerable improvement’s which should be reflected in your sales when the item is eventually improved.

The aim should be to create a best-seller, not to create an item that will scrape by the approval process.

And another point… I’d say that some good items are rejected, it’s pretty rare that very good items are rejected. And if very good, good and average items are available, then due to the amount of choice… buyers will just go for the good and very good items, they’d probably never bother buying the average items. Unless the item was suitably unique… in which case it probably would have been accepted already.

That’s the way I see it anyway.

  • they are not higher. They are ridiculous. If the items envato rejects, and this is not only my case, are being aproved and getting good and very good sales on other stock agencies at higher prices, what are theese things telling us? - incompetent reviewers.

I do not wanna talk more about this, most of the authors allready did mention all the problems.

Nce day to everebody

I was talking about STOCK FOOTAGE, not AE templates!

And you are all missing the point from what this discution started! - the balance beetween a good product and good price. You can not expect to develop a briliant product or stock footage that takes time, effort, knowledge, paid location, cruew members, actors which need to pe paid etc etc etc and sell that footage for… 8 buks??? really? From what I get like 6,5 $
This, and many other more, are the reasons why very good authors (and I am speaking about stock footage now, not other market) are either quitting Envato or just do not upload here anymore.

And I never blame reviewers IF they are doing a professional work, but it is just silly how from a batch of 10 stock footages they are accepting 2-3 items that are not the best one, and other agencies are accepting all the other files, and guess what - the files that are not accepted by Envato are getting sales, and good sales, on other stock agencies :slight_smile: So, if the items are bad why are they selling at higher prices and better on othe sites? I am gonna leave this question open.

Anyway, this is not a single opinion and this is just one of my exemples. There are hundreds more on this Forum.

Ah sorry dude I thought it was about AE templates. 99% of rejection complaints are about AE projects. My bad though :slight_smile:
But yeah if I were selling stock footage I’d just go on a different marketplace specifically designed for stock footage. Videohive’s primary income and focus is on AE projects, so ofcourse stock footage gets neglected. It’s probably not worth it to invest more resources in a branch that at it’s peak isn’t doing that well.
My 2 cents. Again, sorry for jumping the gun there.