Why are they ignoring me?

I apologize for my English!
I received a letter on the e-mail (envato mailing)
11 Trending Instagram Stories Templates for After Effects, and Premiere Pro
I also have a template for instagram, if you look at sales and reviews, he is one of the best, I do not understand why my template did not mention. What is the problem? Than it is worse? Why are they ignoring me? I understand if there was one template, but of 11 ???

How many Instagram templates were in this email? If it was just the one then it would make sense that they would feature ‘one of the best’.

11 Tempates

Ok, and how many Instagram templates are there on the marketplace? Ignoring sales for the moment, what are the odds that your template would be included?

Most probably you had to nominate your item in a thread before the campaign started.

about 50 templates, i dont know what are the odds that my template would be included

I nominate every time