Why are these cinematic titles rejected?

HI! Could you tell me why I have a strong rejection of this project? I leave you a link to the video, here you can see the titles, the last part of the space capsule does not count, that part was not sent to envato, what was sent to envato is with another Audiojugle audio track. I see that there are several projects like this and of lower quality, but mine was rejected harshly.
I await your sincere answers. Thanks

Hi. Well, as you said, there are many other projects like yours, and not all are lower quality as you mentioned. I think your project has nothing new or outstanding among all those projects already approved on Videohive. On the other hand, in my personal opinion, the intro before titles is too long. In and out of texts should be more punchy and eye catching for customers, your texts just cut at the end right before the next text, there should be some transition or motion that make them look better from title to title. And something a bit subjective, the old tv ending doesn’t match very well with all the rest.
Hope this helps or gives you a different perspective.
Good luck! :+1:

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Hello friend, thank you very much for your comments, I will take them into account. I have seen many projects equal to or less than mine within Videohive, but I understand that they are the ones who know.


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