Why are the templates all garbled and unable to apply for a refund?

I purchased the “Cutie - Kids Fashion & Toys WooCommerce Theme” theme, but! This theme is 90MB, and I installed it 10 times before it was installed successfully, however! The homepage is all code, without any frames. I tried to customize it, but I couldn’t even see the header. There was nothing on the homepage, only a background color from top to bottom and some garbled text.
I requested a refund and received no response and I cannot request a refund again. All this is like a stone sinking into the sea.
I contacted the author, hoping he could help me, but still, I didn’t receive any reply.
Why? I paid money, purchased the template, and didn’t get what the author showed me, and I couldn’t contact anyone!

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The theme you have purchased comes with Elementor and you should be able to change the content as you wish. About the size, probably some other files such as PSD/documentation or some other files are included to the theme that would change the theme size but the 90mb file is probably the pack, not the theme file.

Apart from that, as the theme has been just approved ( it’s one day old and you’re the only one who purchased the theme yet ) and not many authors are providing support for the weekends, you should wait at least 2-3 working days before requesting a refund or complaining about you couldn’t get the support from the author.

I don’t see any messages on the item comments page, not sure how you contacted the author but posting some comments/requests over there would be the one of the best options.

Overall, just be patient. It’s weekend for everyone.


Thank you for your patient reply
What I chose to download was “Installable WordPress file only” and I unzipped it and saw that it was the theme installation package, which was 90 MB.

I chose to contact the author in the “Support” of the theme interface. Maybe you are right, I should wait or contact in the comments.