Why are the pictures missing

Purchased the full version of the Gaze template but am surprise that the pictures are missing.
I don’t need most of them but some were okay to be reused, therefore quite a bit disappointed to realise they didn’t come with the package.
Or am I missing something? Please help

Hi there!

This is a question best suited for the author as we don’t know any specifics about your template here. Generally, photos found in a template’s live demo will not be included in the download, as these are for presentation purposes only.

However, that template’s description doesn’t explicitly state the photos are not included, so there may be a chance if you ask the author (which I believe is @DeoThemes).



thanks for the quick reply, I will try them - fingers crossed hope they are fine to send them across.


Just drop me a message via profile https://themeforest.net/user/deothemes
I’ll try to help.


Hi, I was looking to get the demo pictures for the Gaze Theme/Template. I bought the full multi page version but they were not included there.
I understand that most of them are mockups but some were quite usable to us, so would appreciate if we could still get them.

Thanks and best,