Why are people following me?

Hello everyone,

I am relatively new here so I am not familiar with the etiquette around here. Now recently I gained new followers even though I did nothing and I just wanted to ask if it is common for people to just go around and follow any (AudioJungle) author they can find? Maybe in hopes of getting a follow back? Does the follower count even mean anything?


Authors/buyers follow you because they might have liked your item and wants to stay updated with your future item releases or updates.
Follower count doesn’t mean/reveal anything. There is a limit of 2000 followers that can follow you.

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People follow authors to maintain an interest in other authors work…sometimes authors follow authors based on sales success and sometimes authors follow to have a profile on others profiles - strange really!

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…or people just enjoy following people - a bit like stalking I guess.

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…I follow authors to listen to their new tracks and to keep informed of how they are doing!


I have 88 followers, nice number :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope they remember me when I release new theme :smile:

“Follow me-follow you. Follow you-follow me, follow me - i don’t follow you”, “follow you - why you don’t follow me?” etc. New reality :evergreen_tree: :joy_cat: :evergreen_tree:


I don’t think there is a limit… I have 2045 followers

Oops, I typed it wrong.
Edit: There is a maximum of 2000 authors that you can follow at one time. (Explained in help article)

I had some thoughts on the matter in this thread:

Unfollowed you - not of interest to me anymore.

You don’t like Genesis? :wink:

Hate the Star Trek films.

At first I thought people were following you in real life! :wink:

No, but seriously folks, what’s the problem with any followers? Whatever the reason they follow me, I don’t care. I always follow back. In fact, I used to follow newbies posting on the forum (not now of course without any link back) without even listening to their tracks, but just to help boost up their followers. Aren’t I nice? :smile:

The only time I worry about followers is when I lose one. I always think “Now, what have I said or done?” :open_mouth:

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If folks follow your account here on Envato it might mean one or more of the following:

  • They think you are intesting or might find your work intersting.
  • Some folks might do this thinking they might receive you as a follower, in a way to promote their portfolio.

This is kind of the same behaviors one would also see in online communities/social media. For example Tumblr.com or FaceBook.com.

The follower count means that you have xx followers … :open_mouth:

Seriously: I like to have followers online (not offline).
And in any way it has something to do with profiling at both sides and interest is someones work.