Why are my vectors continually rejected?

Senza%20titolo-5 Senza%20titolo-6 Senza%20titolo-7 Senza%20titolo-8

hi lol that will be hard to help u with such previews lol are u afraid that someone copied something rejected? lol

I can’t upload images with bigger resolution because it tells me that the maximum resolution is 40 megapixels

how can I do?

40 megapixels and 40 pixels are different things

sorry, I was wrong ! 40 pixels I meant!

No. You are still wrong. Nobody forbids you to upload an image more than 40x40 pixels here :man_shrugging:

when I upload an image with high resolution I get the message that it is not possible to upload images larger than 40 pixels

Senza%20titolo-8 Senza%20titolo-9 Senza%20titolo-10

ok i solved, anyway the images that graphic river refuses me are these!

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