Why are many of the AJ songs so loud?

Audiojungle needs loud standard for every genre.

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Why do you think that? :slight_smile:

Because louder is perceived as better and if your song has low volume it stands no chance of being sold after comparison with louder tracks of the similar style. As simple as that. That’s why I think audiojungle should introduce their own normalization of a kind so that all tracks sound nearly equally loud. That’s possible because on radio or TV you never hear a song that is louder than previous, they are all about the same volume.

Definitely depends on the genre - If someone was to compress and master an orchestral or cinematic track in that way (which I’ve seen quite a few times on AJ), then they’d be robbing the track of exactly what it is that makes it interesting and useful - the dynamics. Far too often these days, musicians and especially listeners equate loudness with quality. This, for me, is where people go so wrong.


Just gonna throw this in, a good tool for getting your music transparently louder is Slate FGX. I use it on everything.

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