Why are authors selling with Elements?


Well you’d have to pretty desperate to justify hanging around a model that undercuts yourself for an extra $10. I could have stuck around that sub model for a few extra bucks each month, instead I chose to delete the catalog and raise my prices and seek other platforms that sell one license at time for one project at a time and all of those tactics helped create even more monthly revenue. And yes, I would simply leave audio jungle if they ever created a policy of 75% to the house. Not sure others would though, and there lies the entire basis of this debate. At what point does an Artist say “This is a terrible deal”? Or do/ should Artists accept every deal offered? Seems like they will.

SSF, we both agree that more monthly revenue is important for Stock media sellers, we disagree on how authors should go about it from a long term, sustainable perspective.

If subscription were to ever become the “new normal” and main way of transacting at a price $16.50 a month all you can download, that would be very dangerous to all authors selling all and any media long term.

Sure, maybe they should do that with Audiojungle while they’re at it? I mean now they’ve herded up all you AudioJungle authors and they have you under their control… why not?

Could not be further from the truth. At audio jungle we all set up our own independent store front and use the platform to transact directly with customers. AJ just brokers the deal.


The fact is I don’t sell my portofolio for 16.50$ a month. I sell my portofolio for the earnings income I receive from Elements at the end of the month. This is what you have to understand. For example last month I sold my portofolio for a price of three numbers, over doubles of what I usually sell on Videohive. So I don’t care what the subscription price is for costumers as long as I make a decent income at the end of the month. Another thing is I don’t sell it once for all. I sell copies for those money. This is the reality.
Envato promised they will rise the subscription with 10$ after they make a strong costumers community on Elements. And from time to time they will rise the subscription price.

I fought a lot against Elements. But I discovered it is a good bussiness and I recommend to all of you. Of course the fact that they use Videohive to promote Elements isn’t correct. But for an Elements author this not a problem anymore.


And Envato have complete control over the terms of that marketplace. If they want to change their commission cut to 75% then there is nothing stopping them. If they want to close your account tomorrow, there is nothing stopping them. So your ‘could not be further from the truth’ comment is completely untrue.


New project exposure on marketplace and first day on Elements.