Why are all my projects rejected?

Why are all my projects rejected?
In contrast, poor and very weak projects are accepted
What is the problem ???
I feel very frustrated
More than 30 project rejected !!!

This project works on Adobe Premiere only

Hi. May I say something about your project? I understand what you´re talking about, but think of this, there are a lot, really a lot of history slideshows like yours, I don´t know your 30 other rejected projects, but this in particular is not outstanding enough in comparison with the huge amount of other history slideshows already approved. I´ve watched your portfolio and you have really great works, sometimes it´s just a matter of not giving up.
Keep working and good luck! Rejections are a common thing here that we all have to face, even for Elite authors

I agree with you but there are little ones that work on Adobe Premiere
The question here is why weak projects are accepted ???

I understand your point but that´s a question I´ve made myself and I guess there´s not going to be an answer

Are there other sites that can accept rejected projects instead of deleting them? Because I made a lot of time and effort :sweat::sweat:

Yeah, of course, I can´t mention them here but search a bit in google and you can find some, and not as much saturated as Envato. This way you won´t lose all your hours of work

Thank you very much :blush::blush:


Hi, I’m sorry to hear this. I was like you, and my all projects rejected before my last project. I think the videohive had many authors and he accept the new author with great new ideas.

I think the font selection for this project is bad and the paper element should blend with background a little better.