Why an article is rejected in a brutal way

Hello to all,

I could really use your help, I had created some plugins in the past that were rejected in a brutal way, this time I started a whole new project with a new design but it was rejected again.

I don’t understand on what point it is based to reject the item, if you can give your point of view on what went wrong.

link: http://novasurvey.axetixdev.com/

Login details

user admin : admin@axetixdev.com
password : 12345678

The functionality is too simple and does not look like a premium.
In my opinion, there is nothing unique for the market. Such scripts can be found for free.
You need to add more features and improve the visual interface.

Ok thanks for your feedback.

So if I change the design of this application and add more features, I could resubmit my application without problem?

I found this error when i click on forgot password.
Thank you

Thank you for your feedback.

this has been resolved

Your app doesn’t detect if someone is logged in or not. Login then click Home then it tells u to login again. You r logged in then click a certain menu then u find a very different menu. Some menu takes years to open