Why am I not in the top of new authors?



Hello, Somebody knows - Why am I not in the top of new authors? I have 54 sales in August, I was registered in June…


You are no longer new author, I think only first month was counted for that.


Really? Place number 7 - Member Since: May 2015


Strange thing, maybe they made changes to the rules in the recent year or so, a while back I remember it was one month only. Also, it could be related to the time when the lists are updated, it is not strictly Australian midnight, sometimes it can take time for lists to be updated.


Hi @Alec_Koff! The “Top New Authors” chart compiles results based on the first time an author uploads an item and gets it approved. So in your case, your very first submission that was approved was on July 3. So you would be considered a “new author” in July 2015. Any sales you made in July 2015 would make you eligible for the July 2015 Top New Author chart, not the August 2015 chart.

If you look at August’s chart for example, all the authors had their first item approved in August:

If an author signs-up as an author in January 2016 but does not upload an item until March 2016, then they would not be considered a “new author” (for the purpose of the “Top New Author” chart) until March 2016.

Hope that helps clarify. :thumbsup:


i also had a problem like this at a time and i think that sometimes there are some mistakes … at the time, i would have been around 10th position or beyond , anyway some mistakes can happen sometimes …


this is good to get to know this type of detail indeed :wink: