Why am I no longer Elite?

I just got a notification saying that I’ve unlocked Level 6? I use to be on level 8 and now I’ve got a level 6 badge and my elite badge is gone.

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So weird! You still have your Elite badge for your forum profile, though. Hopefully this is just a temporary bug.

We have same problem Author Level Changed

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Its disaster for me, I was on 7th and now its showing 2,

me too, from author level 6 down to level 3, what this mean ? does it effect to calculate my income and author fee ?
Someone have experience with this , please advice ! :frowning:

It seems sales from past items which have since been removed from the market are not being counted towards the total, would be a shame if this effects our 70% cut. :frowning:

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It must be a bug :open_mouth:

now it rollback to previous values [as before change ] … but not sure about tomorrow… hope it is site backup problem… not policy change… :slightly_smiling:

I’m an elite author again :slight_smile: Does this mean I get another elite care package?