Why am i locked out of my account wihtout doing anything illegal?

Today when i was trying to sign in in my author account it said your account is currently locked out. I do not know why that happened i did not do anything illegal i just submitted my first product and it was in review.I am looking in the forums and seeing that its quite common but why is it so common?And how much time would it take to unlock my account?Or is it gonna last forever?

You May ask to the help center. Nowadays it becomes so common. Many accounts are being locked these days. Many of them are still in ignorance actually what crime the committed unknowingly. I know some of them personally and they are so frustrated as they poured immense effort to build up those account. They spent many sleepless night by night but unfortunately result is zero.

I still believe Envato maintain a fair policy and doing their jobs strictly but any human being may commit errors and they are not beyond this universal truth. They should allow a two way communication. They leave nothing for the dejected authors who can challenge their final decision. If Envato make a playing level field then it would be greater than anything else.

No I can only feel sorry for you as ray of Hope is very little.

Good luck & Thanks !

So should i open a new account and submit the same work ? Would that be legal?Or i should wait for them to response?

You better ask them… I think you can open new account but items of blocked account would not be legal. You better talk to them.