Why am i having trouble getting support for the theme that i purchased?

I bought one of the themes on themeforest. I installed it and everything is fine and i am following the theme guide step by step. But sometimes i am not able to get expected results or realizing some small gaps on my dashboard about the theme. And NATURALLY i am asking my questions to the theme support because i already paid for for support. And my questions are very specific and clear with the screenshots. And my questions are not about the installation or customization.

But i am getting this answer from support theme for my last questions:


thank you for reaching out.

Please share your admin login and your website link.

I will check your settings and get back to you.

Kind regards.

OR he is sending me some bunch of unrelated articles about my question.

MY QUESTION IS: Why do i have to share my admin password? I want to learn what to check and I want to deal with my theme’s problems myself. And i am capable of checking my installation myself. Why dont they share what to check with me? I will not resell their theme or i will not do anything to harm their product. I dont understand why they are insisting on getting my admin passwd OR why they are sending bunch of unrelated articles instead of writing some small instructions for checking the theme. Moreover, I paid an extra fee for the support and believe in my country it is really big amount. It is not fair.

I am not asking them to teach me web development or smt about codes. I am just demanding the support that i deserve.

I will be very happy if you help me about this case.

Thank u.

If you’ve purchased your theme at Theme forest, you’ll need to download the theme file before you try and install it. Simply log into your account, go to your downloads and locate your theme. Click on the download button and select the “Installable WordPress file only”. This will download the zip file for your theme.