Why all submissions rejected??

Why all submissions rejected without any feedback about rejection.
It’s very frustrating and negative energy.
Is there criteria which determines approval or rejection.
What can I do to submit an approval design

Without seeing the demo of what you submitted it’s not possible to give feedback

FYI if you get close to the standard then feedback is given


This item submitted twice with changing the pictures with the same result

So are you selling a rigged 3D model? If so, that belongs on 3DOcean, not GraphicRiver. However, the quality is still pretty low. The model and texture resolution is pretty low, and it looks waaaaay too smooth and glossy for a leathery skinned dinosaur, are you only using an albedo and roughness maps? I think the model itself is okay if you’re not going for realism, the main things for me are the texture maps and presentation.

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Zbrush model contain 3 million poly
Maya 19,000 poly

Okay, but that isn’t the main issue. It’s also not very clear how detailed the model is with the images you provided.

yes this is not the right place to post it …