"Whoops! We're having some problems logging you in."

I subscribed to Envato Elements a few weeks ago when there was a promotional price on the plan. Since then, I have loved the service and haven’t had a single issue.

Then today, this happened:

When I got to the Envato Elements site, everything was fine at first. Ran a query for the type of media I was looking for, and when the results populated, I went to add one of them to one of my collections. That’s when I noticed an error – I couldn’t add the media to any of my collections.

I assumed that maybe leaving the window open overnight and coming back to it the next day had something to do with it, so I refreshed the page. That’s when I saw the “Whoops!” page the first time. And now that’s the only page I see, no matter what I do.

The one exception was when I opened a private browser tab. For some reason, the Envato Elements site popped right up. It even let me log into my account. But when I tried to download a media file, it didn’t recognize my subscription and, instead, gave me the option to start a new one.

I was desperate enough to go to the “Pricing” page and subscribe again, figuring that I’d contact customer support and get everything sorted out later. But before I even had the chance to pick a plan, I got the “Whoops!” page again.

Please help! I need this account!!!

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Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


I did. Got an automated response saying that it could take as long as 10 days to get a reply.

And I’m a little concerned because I’ve seen other people posting here about this same issue, and none of them seem to have mentioned a resolution.

I bought this subscription because I needed it for my job. It’s going to be a huge problem if I’m now paying for something that I can’t even use.

I had the same situation :frowning:

How did you fix it? Or did Envato fix it for you?

support team will reply you as quickly they can. Thanks for your patience.

Not yet bro :frowning:

And how long have you been having this issue?

What I find super weird is that if I open a private browser window, Envato Elements works fine. It’s only once I try to log in that it starts giving me the “Whoops!” problem.

Me either :frowning:
“Whoops” again

“After further investigation, we are using our discretion and we won’t be enabling your account.”

They sent me this in this afternoon :frowning:

Um… what? Why? I feel like when they decide to just cancel your account, they need to give you an explanation as to why they’re doing it.

Admittedly, I didn’t go through their ToS with a fine-tooth comb, but I’ve used my fair share of stock media services and I know for a fact I haven’t abused Envato Elements or misused any of the media I’ve downloaded. However, I checked after getting the email and I’m still getting the “Whoops!” error. In any case, I’ll be quite upset if they cancel my account without giving me a reason for it.

I, too, got an email today, but mine didn’t say what yours said. Mine said that the issue could be related to a few different things, so they’ve forwarded my ticket to another tier of their support team and will get back to me with their response or solution.

I’ve been building a new website for a client of mine and really need my Envato Elements account for various ornamentation and decorative graphics. Hopefully, they get my account fixed sooner rather than later.

On a side note, this seemed to happen after buying a WordPress plugin on one of the Envato markets (either Themeforest or Codecanyon). I wonder if that could have triggered some sort of bug or something along those lines… Otherwise, I literally have no idea why this is happening. I’ve been an Envato customer for over four years and have never misused their services, so I really just can’t imagine what I could’ve done to warrant losing my account.

Also, I can’t even access their ToS. When I tried to click the link to their ToS in the footer, I just get the “Whoops!” page again.


Going to keep posting about my progress here so that other people can find this information…

Got a response this morning. They said that they fixed whatever was causing this “Whoops!” problem and that I could start my subscription back up. However, they said I’d need to use PayPal as my payment method moving forward, but they didn’t say why.

I had to clear my cookies and cache to get the Envato Elements homepage to load correctly. I was able to log into my account (even with my two-factor authentication), and then I went to the “Pricing” page to start my subscription back up. When I clicked to choose the individual plan, it took me to the payment page for like a split second. Then I got a pop-up error message telling me to reload the page. When I reloaded, I was back at “Whoops!” again, and that’s all I see until I delete my cookies and cache again.

Try to reply back to the last email you’ve received from Envato and explain them you still have issues. Only they can help you with this. You are very unlikely to get any official response in this forum.

I am/did. I just wanted to keep posting about the process here in case it happens to anyone else and they’re not sure what to do. Because when I was researching this issue and found my way to this forum, I saw a lot of other people having this issue but no info on (a) why it’s happening or (b) what needed to be done to fix it. For all I knew, it was something I needed to do on my computer to fix it. Of course, that doesn’t seem to be the case, but I didn’t know that then.

Thanks for the advice though. Looks like I have no choice but to wait this out until they can fix it on their end. I’d be really curious to know why this happened though. The fact they told me to use PayPal as my payment method from now on makes me think that has something to do with it, but I have no idea why using my bank card would matter. Really bizarre.

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They won’t tell you the exact reasons IMHO.

Take a look at this thread, it is about Envato Market accounts, but I think it may be related to your issue as well.

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I just took a look at that thread. And it’s kind of ridiculous that there are this many people experiencing this account-lockout problem. You’d think that when this seemed to become a reoccurring problem, they’d do whatever needed to be done to make sure this only happens when it’s warranted.

I’ve now been locked out of my account for 6 days. It happened after not even using my account for a few days, so I can’t think of any conceivable reason why my account would get locked over the course of a few days when I’m not even using it. In any case, I’m still waiting for resolution.

If this ever does get fixed, then if this happens again, I think I’m done with Envato. I’d rather pay a bit more for a service that won’t lock me out of my account randomly and leave me high and dry when I need my account most.

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This just happened to me too and I have no idea why. Did this ever get resolved for you?

Sort of. They told me it was a billing issue, but it was never clear whether it was on my end or theirs. I was told to change my payment method to PayPal, which seems to have worked although I have no idea why that had any affect on the situation.

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