Whoo, 150 sales!

Woke up to my 150th sale this morning, and it was a Mass Reproduction license!
I’ve been submitting on and off to AudioJungle for a little over a year, but this month I decided to buckle down and stick to submitting at least one song a week. Here’s to a great 2017!


Awesome man, have only dabbled on AJ myself, but intend to make this year a serious effort myself as well. Best of luck to you and continued success…

Congrats @dimarzomusic! Have a great 2017 :tada:

:sparkles:Congratulations! :slight_smile::+1:

Great! Keep working hard mate and congratulations!! :smile: :tada:

Congratulation friend. It’s a good start. :tada:

Congratulation @dimarzomusic :tada: good luck for more sales :wink:


Congratulations! @dimarzomusic :sparkles:

Congrats @dimarzomusic!