Whoa. Cool! (Video Edition)

This thread is what it says: a place to share awesome videos! They can be your videos, or they can be something you saw on the web. You get bonus points if you can connect the cool thing to a tutorial or course on Tuts+.

I’ll start!

Centriphone - an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier

Related tutorial: How to Use Your iPhone like a Pro Video Camera by @HarryGuinness


@uniquefx very cool animation! Lots of strong elements here.

Do you have a tutorial connection? Voice-overs in 60 Seconds, maybe!

@YOUMOTION how about a tutorial connection? I can see @davebode’s Green Screen and Compositing for Beginner’s course for sure.

Here’s another one:

Robot Readable World

Related tutorial: Brave New Camera: Computational Photography, also by @HarryGuinness!