Whoa. Cool! (Pictures Edition)


Same deal as Whoa. Cool! (Video Edition):

This thread is what it says: a place to share awesome pictures! They can be your pictures, or they can be something you saw on the web. Share a project or portfolio of pictures, not singles (though a single is acceptable, it better be mighty good!) preferably.

You get bonus points if you can connect the cool thing to a tutorial or course on Tuts+.

I’ll start:

###Unpublished Black History

By Rachel L. Swarns, Darcy Eveleigh and Damien Cave of the New York Times. New images daily in February.

Related tutorial: It’s Not a Black and White World: How To Imagine Pictures in Monochrome by @HarryGuinness

###Another Vietnam

From Mashable (based on a really amazing looking book). This link contributed by @adamarthurryan :slight_smile:

Related tutorial: The ABCs of Photo Sorting: How to Turn a Mess of Pictures into an Organized Collection by @DawnOosterhoff, because can you imagine how many pictures it took to make this book?!


Nina Planck, The Real Food Cookbook
Photography by Katherine Wolkoff

I tripped over this cookbook at the library. It was on a display put together to catch your attention as you walk in. It worked. The book is gorgeous in every way: the photography (food and markets) is exquisite, the paper sensuous (a gorgeous deep matte), the printing and binding top quality, and the recipes fabulous in a “here are some suggestions and add your own inspiration” kind of way. I have always loved books and the idea of designing books. Lately, I’ve been indulging my love by learning how to design high-quality photo books. Planck’s recipe book has been great inspiration.

Coming up with the list of related tutorials and courses - there are several for this topic - makes me wonder if there isn’t an opportunity to create quick tips or “listicles” (how I hate that term) of courses and tutorials that will help you do X, and how those courses and tutorials will help.

(Related tutorials in a separate post, thanks to this crazy system that is limiting my ability to post links.)

Guided Learning Lists for Photo & Video

Related Tuts+ tutorials (I was limited by the system to just two, but I found seven!)
Jeffrey Opp, How to Edit, Sequence and Assemble Pictures for a Photo Book (2015)
Simon Bray, Terry McNamara: Delicious Food Photography (Interview, 2013)


Oooooooh, I do love a good cookbook. My dad runs a pub, so we have tons.

Plus, recipes are the original tutorials. I’m bound to love them.

PS: I think the system gives you more powers as you participate (that’s how I understand it, anyway), so that restriction should be lifted soon.


What Happens When You Zoom in Too Far on Google Maps from Gizmodo.

Related Tutorial:

Want to make your own weirdly-stiched photos? Gettin’ Round: How to Make a Spherical Image with Google Camera and Create a Photo Sphere With Your DSLR Camera by @JeffreyO will show you how!


More Google Maps discoveries: http://9-eyes.com/. (Sometimes disturbing.)

And how about this Related Tutorial?

https://photography.tutsplus.com/articles/fresh-eyes-every-day-the-challenges-and-rewards-of-photographing-close-to-home--cms-22954. Since the computer screen is really close to home!


Also, per our conversation yesterday:

Miniature Calendar (with some highlights at Demilked)

Related Tutorial:

Desktop worlds.


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Hmmm, cool! I am trying to think of a good tutorial to go with it… maybe Bold Colours: How to Apply Colour Theory in Your Photo Compositions by @MarieGardiner? One of the tricks behind why these photos work is that the colours match, and they’re vibrant. That is very convincing.