Who will tell you why the track is rejected????? Р

The most important thing is harmony: it is non-commercial. Listen to the top tracks and compare these harmonies with your own. I advise you to use references for a more productive production.
I wish Success =)

Hey man! I have the same problem and I don’t see their decisions… Looks a bit random for me.
Nice track by the way. Maybe your drums sounds a bit too clean for my flavor. Try to make it a bit more dirty :see_no_evil:

Good luck for your next productions on audiojungle! :slight_smile:


I think it composition-wise sounds pretty good. I don’t know what “raspberrymusic” meant with with the harmony being “non-commercial”?

But if they didn’t provide any explanation to you, I will tell you what I do think could be bothersome sound-wise: the levels aren’t fine-tuned enough - the distorted synth is too loud in my opinion, the drumbeat too, and the pumping compression is a bit annoying. I’d say fixing these two would correct what’s wrong. Perhaps the drums are a bit too dry indeed, but that’s a stylistic preference. I’d say giving them a bit more snappy sound and a bit of reverb could improve them. I don’t know if “dirty” is the right direction for this.

Thank you