Who to contact when something goes wrong?

Not sure if this is the right place to post but we are new to this arena and purchased one of the calendars off of Code Canyon and not only did we get terrible customer service (the guy literally asked, “are you an idiot?” along with other stuff) Now he looked up our information with a threatening remark as if he is going to come after us.

Who do you contact, feels like help is on mars or millions of miles away!

I think you should submit support ticket here.


Thanks we did. However no reply and today we got hacked. They had asked for our passwords and we got a few more name calling emails and they changed our email and password. It’s just odd to get this t ype of reply for asking for a refund, Who else can handle this?

Hi @kellypublishing. Opening a support ticket is definitely the best course of action here - it’s very unusual to get that kind of response from an author, and threatening behaviour is definitely not okay! I’ll check in with our Help team.

Just spoke to our Customer Success Lead - he’s responding directly in your support ticket, so you should have an update in your email inbox.


Thank you so much. Someone replied a few minutes before this email.

Much appreciated! Thanks!