Who takes final/last descision in case of refunding?

Hello everyone,
We are CmsBrand’s author of Moodle theme, have an issue which is aggravating us. The issue is a client has purchased our item and after few hours he is asking for refund. The reason of refunding is ridiculous.

Excuses of first time-

#1 – It was a mistaken purchase.

#2 and #3 – is a technical concern/issue according to client but actually that is not an issue, is a sort of enhancement request which does not fall under support policy of Envato Market (Theme forest). However, we are ready providing him that support without any extra charge.

After cancelling client’s request by us he requested us for refund giving another reason for a second time. Again it was an immature statement.

Excuses of second time-

#1 - The item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described.

#3 – one or two another minor issues which is not related to our theme actually same feature/functionality available on Moodle’s default theme and we do not want to tamper in Moodle’s file because it will create trouble when client will take next updated version.

We want to come to know just for awareness/knowledge, in this scenario who will take the final decision for refunding.
We do not want to refund for this kind of immature/irresponsible activity/antics.

We are ready and willing to provide him the best support and service of ours but he is rigid of refunding giving unnecessary excuses one after another.

What to do at this stage? Kindly guide us and provide the best solution apart from refunding.

If they don’t give up they will eventually be forced to ask support for help or you could speak to them first Envato Help & Support Center

As @charlie4282 said, contact Envato. I’ve had this issue a few months back with a customer, I think he invoked every reason and I rejected him every single time, as none of his reasons were correct and I stood behind my items quality. After he rated 1 star, that aggravated me as well and after contacting support they dealt with him swiftly. Blackmail is not tolerated, approved or taken likely by Envato. So in any of these cases, contact support as soon as possible and provide all evidence you may have. Cheers!


Thanks for your valuable comment.