Who makes decisions about the review process?

New authors come here to upload products to sell, and they can’t even get past the review process because it takes too long. I uploaded a theme for review, and it took more than one week for me to decide to just take it down.

I don’t like the fact that there is a statement on the site that says it only takes a few days, but a week plus? Some people have said it took more than 10 days. I know its saturated but what’s the problem? Theme checkers only reviewing 2 days a week or what?

Who is in control and why don’t they respond to us when we ask these types of question?

Some platform.

There’s another thread in the forum regarding the state of he review queue. A lot of wheels are in motion with regards to bringing the queue down… unfortunately it’s not had any impact yet, but things are happening behind the scenes, and I think the last update stated that things should start to get better around the end of June.

Even so, it’s probably going to be a while before reviews are under 10 days. Not sure where you got the ‘few days’ from, but it’s appoaching a couple of months at the moment. I’ve forgotten whether it’s 400,000 submissions a week, or 400,000 submissions a month, but still… that’s a lot of stuff that needs reviewing! If they did just work two days a week then we’d be closer to a couple of years!

Unless there’s some other reason for removngnitnfrom the queue, you’re best to upload your theme, forget about it and start working on more items. It’ll get reviewed eventually.

Thanks for an honest response. I was being sarcastic with the few days a week statement.

Didn’t know it was that many submissions. I honestly thought it was only a 2 or 300 a month, I was way off.