Who is the reviewer, and what about an appeal?


Just thought about one thing. Why can’t we see who exactly, wich reviewer, rejected our submittion? And why can’t we appeal on dispute of hard reject (I mean just resubmit an item to another reviewer, at least once). Or at least, why reviewers can’t have more particular “answer templates” on hard rejections (like not just “does not meet our commercial production (mixing/mastering/sample quality) standard or our commercial composition/arrangement standard”, but exactly: is it composition, or is it mixing/mastering). I understand that it would need a lot of time, but I think there is a problem, because reviewers are very diffrent, and I doubt that some of them are impartial and objective. For example, I have an item, wich was approved, and I decided to edit it, just added mp3 files into the same (already approved) zip. And a reviewer rejected the update, commenting that AJ watermark was changed (pitched or whatever), but I did’nt do it! I just used the same, already approved preview file! So maybe the guy was drunk or whatever, but his competence was under big question, I could’nt believe that comment. I just resubmitted the same material, not changing anything at all, and another reviewer approved the (same!) update. That case made me ponder that a situation with hard reject on a submittion can be the same sometimes. So if one reviewer rejected, another could approve, this situation hypothetically can either not let a good item pass or let a bad item pass
Yes, I know what you will say: “too many submittions, too less of time”, but why really a serious big commercial market lets every easy rider come and clog the queue with unquality items, I don’t even mention the cases of violations, stolen music, etc, wich are often met on this forum. A lot of authors talk about ID verification, but I’d look further, why there is no enter exam for new authors? If Envato controlled the entering new authors, they wouldn’t have that wave of submittions they cannot control, and we’d never see such a review times collapse as we see now (it’s 30 days! rediculus!). And what is worse, today’s situation made reviewers work harder than ever, they must work with too many submittions and have to make a desicion more quickly, so they really don’t have time to sort out properly or Envato had to hire more reviewers and many of them are not qualified enough. Because we really can see people on this forum and other, who links to a hard rejected track, and we really can’t understand why that track was rejected, 'cos it was good quality, and even there are a lot of items with comparable quality already approved on AJ. And there are many similar cases. It seems that, as Audiojungle struggles with the “submittion tzunami”, reviewers decided to go easy way, and just reject most items randomly. Another question: why not to forbid new submitions, until the queue won’t normalize again? Why not to limit the number of submitions from a single author?
Well, I guess it’s already too mane letters and too many diffrent thoughts in one topic)
So what do you think?


Pointless and will never happen. All you say is coming from an individual author’s point of view (who got his stuff rejected). The problem is that it’s their market and their rules. If you get your CV rejected by a company where you applied for a job, would you go back nagging them to reconsider? See? That’s called business. Also understand, it is a mass market and they want it that way. Therefore it’s not like they need to reconsider every rejection candidate. There is no point for wasting time on that with hundreds of thousands of files already in the system, most of which will hardly ever sell.


To my mind, better way to get approved trying to create your music better and better. :wink: When authors share tracks that was rejected I always hear some problems with mix, sample sounds or arragment that could be a reason of reject.


TL;DR but you can see who was the reviewer of each item, in the “history” tab (between edit and analytics)

What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

Only when a file is accepted


Making music better and better is a very nice idea isn’t it? But I have a track in my portfolio that the reviewer accepted because me and him happened to be fans of one and the same game. The track was inspired by fallout 2. So I am not saying that the track is bad, or the track is good. It did sell a few times, and it still sells. But had he not been a fan of that game There would have been a big chance of a rejection, because it was not exactly one of the main stream melodies. So…


@Kurlykovs: you lucky b!
I think of it that reviewers are people too :slight_smile: and no machines, so there’s always the human factor in the reviewing decision. If your item is of top quality, but there’s doubt in commercial value, maybe the coin flips just the right way…