who is responsible for this ?

It took almost one year for me to get approved in themeforest. Though it a lot more than genaral but i was satisfied because i did it myself.With help of some awesome members of envato community.I earned almost 140$ in january.I was more than happy ! But suddenly the themeforest market has changed.in last month i got only 20$ sale.I dont know what to say or do.Ihave to bare my educational expense with this money,but i dont know what to do now.Some one might say that my items are not good enough to be sold.But how could i earned 140$ in first month ? Was the buyers were dumb to buy my item ? Or am i dumb to dream getting back the old themeforest back ? Give me answer !

I think you’ve earned more in first month is because when the item is new it gets more exposure before it falls back in the search. The competition is tough these days…You have to create new items to keep up and promote it as much as you can or create something fresh and with exceptional quality to be able to maintain sales for a longer period

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It depends on what else you have done.

The single worst thing anyone can do is see envato as a quick earner. Success here takes time, commitment and is an ongoing process.

Not even the best items that are bought to the marketplace sustain decent interest without effort from authors.

@Enrize is spot on that items sell more when released for obvious reasons around exposure, etc. but authors have to work to maintain success.

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