Who is paying us? Australian or US company?

Who is paying us? Australian or US company this month?

Where can we find the data of US company.


My Paypal notification for this month, indicates it came from Envato Pty Ltd, which is the Australian company. Not sure if that’s the same for other withdrawal options. Not sure about the details on the US company.

so we are charged as if we are being payed by the USA Company … nice!

I’m assuming that who transfers the money to you would have very little bearing on what tax you pay. The income is generated from US sources or non-US sources, and that’s what dictates the taxes… the Australian company is just transferring that money to you. I guess it wouldn’t matter if the money came from a US account, Australian account or a Tobagonian account.

makes sense

So what is the benefit moving the company to US, only just for Tax purpose?