Who has experience with PS Actions please help

I designed Action and launched it with the application pictures, but it was answered by email:
(Thanks for your posting. We completed our review of “Three Effects of Oil Painting in One Action” and unfortunately we found that it is not of the quality required to proceed, and you will not be able to resend this item again)

Please I need to know what are the errors and how can I improve the quality of my work?
See the design at the link
with many thanks

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You can find free actions for these as no one needs to purchase paid extension/action for Photoshop.

you are right
But there are many people on the site who design action and accept their work as well

You should contact Envato support for the details ( rejection message )

I will write to them,
thank you for answering :blossom:

You can not just add PS action but miss all of the pixel details. You should edit on the layers of pictures rather than directly on the canvas. You should control every movement on every PS action because they have tidal effects

Please explain to me what you mean!
Do you mean to add a PSD template to buyer files?