Who do you recommend to follow?

We all use sites like Dribbble, Behance and such and in every site like this there is someone who makes our feed better. share with us the people your recommend us to follow. It doesn’t need to be design related.

Here are mine:
Behance: Tobias van Schneider, Victor Vergara
Twitter: @Kurz_Gesagt, @pakalupapito

Follow me, I am the mightiest, the greatest, the the the the the the! :slight_smile:

Follow me as well. I’m great!

People who have good skills and provide with good inspiration , and otherwise cool guys u get along well with in the first place, that’s always cool to get to know a bit more people. Indeed , I made real friends this way here

The one? Are u GR’s Jose Mourinho? Lol kidding lol