Who decides if it's good or not?

Who decides if it’s good or no ?

Hi @abdinho!

  1. Reviewers for individual marketplaces.
  2. I saw the image you embedded before it was removed. It’s merely my opinion, but I would imagine the reason your item was rejected was because of lack of quality typography. The logo concept looks nice and may have some potential, but the choice of font was poor and the overall typography was not up to the usual high standards seen on GraphicRiver.
  3. Think about improving the presentation of your logos/previews. First impressions are huge when it comes to visual presentation and design!
  4. My recommendation to you would be to a) study not only what gets accepted on GR, but what the top-sellers are and what makes them appealing to customers, b) research/learn about typography, and c) have a thorough read of the [GR logo template submission requirements](http://Logo Templates Submission Requirements) - there’s some good info in there.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

great answer , thank you i’m on it