Who can send me a business card design? I want to study the standard of quality

Iā€™m three times upload business card design but they are has been rejected.
my e-maill adress ibrohimov.isroil@mail.ru
Please help me:relieved :relieved:. I am beginner

You can go ahead and buy one - or check different sites that provide freebies


@Isroil Welcome to GraphicRiver! :smiley:

The best advice I can give for any brand-new author is to study everything you can: in particular, item approval requires a combination of technical quality and commercial viability, which is where the expertise of our review teams and content specialists come in.

Purchasing some of the top selling items will teach you much more than you could learn from freebies - you can find the top selling Business Card templates here. Learn how those authors package up their designs, look for similar elements between the successful items, and try to identify the things that make a really great design stand out from the thousands of competitors.

The best authors here all have a very detailed understanding of their chosen niche. Once you decide on an item type to start with, learn who the market leaders are in that area, and use pages like the Weekly Best Seller lists to identify what customers are buying at the moment.

Good luck!