who can i creat a link?

Shortcode help please - the support oh wpbakery writ that this is not theier on code it is from the theme developer. I buy the gardening theme and install wpbakery … long way

how vcan i create a link in this shortcode?

[dt_sc_button title=“weiter lesen …” style=“filled” icon_type=“css_class” iconalign="" icon_css_class="" class=“grey”]

I test with URL, link , button_link, but nothing with funktion - i get gray hairs…

give ist a list with all shortcodes in this theme - sorry for my english but i am 35 years out of school…

have a nice christmasday

Hi, you would need to ask the theme author. This is a general forum for the whole marketplace. #

Click on the support tab on the theme description page.

Good Luck

Good Morning, i search and search but i cant finde the way to ask the autor - click click click and i am on the startpoint :-(((((

If i had in front know that fault (support) i never buy this theme…
also is ok - it is very good - but now …

can you show my the way to aks??

The theme is Gardenhaven …

Don’t see any themes called that. What is the link to the theme?

Seems the item name doesn’t match the theme name.

You can reach the author by clicking on the “Support” tab at the top of the item page. I am putting a link to the support page below for you.