who can explain to me?

why do I get the same message for all the files I uploaded?
I consider this rudeness on the part of the inspectors, write the same message "Thanks for submitting your file, however, we are unable to accept the item for sale on the Videohive marketplace. After reviewing the video, we have decided that it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality standards. Overall, the shot appears soft and lacks the detail we look for in stock footage."
I want specifics for each file, not only that the prices for you are small so you also “twist your nose”! Do something that would make the author understand what you want …

I’m afraid that you don’t get any answers here.:disappointed:

With thousands of submissions reviewers have to go through each month, providing specific feedback on each rejected submissions would make review times go through the roof.

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The most logical answer would be that the same message applies to all the files you upload. Are all your shots tack-sharp? If not, then there could be something to the messages they’re sending you, and you need to work on your focus and/or invest in a better lens/camera.

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omg really, I waited 8 months to get refused, these files are successful on other sites…
buying a new camera? Alexa/Red/Sony F55/ what for? that would sell for 9$?

I gave you advice based on the rejection reason provided. To give advice based on a reason other than the reason you keep getting rejected, wouldn’t make much sense. Nobody said you needed to buy an Alexa… you could be shooting on a Nokia 3310, a Canon 600D or a GH5… who knows. I’m just saying that a soft image will usually be fixed by better focus, a better lens, or a better camera.

As for $9 a clip, if that’s not sufficient then I advise not to upload anything. Although for most people, the sale price is less important than the total sales revenue. A can of Coke costs around ten times less than a HD clip at VideoHive, but Coca Cola seem to be doing alright for themselves. Sure, you’re not going to sell half a trillion clips a year, but lots of people do very well here, despite the low prices.

If you want advice on your clips, post a few here to see if people agree with the rejection reason, or can provide any suggestion. If you don’t, then don’t… but if you keep doing what you’re doing then you can expect to keep getting rejected.

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in 2015, I received 95%, now 2%, I forgot how to shoot? other markets accept all at the same level of 95%, i am upload only prores 422 4k&hd
why from a batch take 2-3 files? I consider this an escaping rudeness towards the authors …

Can you show us what files were rejected so we could at least see what is it all about? On what camera and lens are you shooting?
You said that in 2015 you received 95%, now 2%, well mate, it is 2017 now, many things changes rapidly, you have to develop your skills and perhaps upgrade your equipment. In 2017 almost everyone can buy an average camera with lenses and film stuff like you. If you want every item to be accepted then, you need better quality projects (locations, lighting, colors, composition, concept, any other aspect that is important in videography. )
Everyone knows that stock footage business on Envato market is tough and the only solution is to accept it and develop yourself. Right now there are 388,733 items of stock footage and as you know queue is around 8 months and many items are with 0 sales for many years, so why should Envato keep the same policy as in 2015 or earlier?

I have sony as7ii+24-70 4.0, a7s+assasin+ manual optic, gh5+12-40 2,8… the last 20 pages all rejected