Who are WordPress Theme buyers? also, about the most popular themes.


We are working on our first theme and what really interests me is who buys themes the most?

  1. Total beginners who just stumbled across Themeforest?
  2. Industry professionals who buy themes for their clients?
  3. What is the approximate percentage of both types of customers?

Also, considering how the first 6 most popular themes have far, far more sales than others, is it safe to assume that the majority of their buyers are returning customers who have already used the themes and just keep making websites using a product that they already know how to use?


Really hard to say …

  • some young peoples who are interesting in similar industry
  • for sure SEO agency but 70% of them use free themes to spam, only good companies buy themes and have money for write articles
  • some passionates of technology, food, photos, writing …

There is no one main group of peoples. It’s not BMW where we can say what people mainly buy them.

  1. Industry professionals who buy themes for their clients? - if I will let some agency create blog for me and they will buy ready script it will have final in court. Agency do not take 40$, agency take 1000$ or more because of uniques of thei work.

Hello NordWood,

From my experience it is the agencies that buy themes. We work with several agency every single client has different needs so they search for the most suitable once. Some agencies use just one single theme for each project. I’m guessing it’s agencies like them that are buying multiple licenses of the same theme’s like avada and X theme.


That’s what I thought. It would be nice for Envato to release the demographic of their customers so that authors know how better to target their audience.