Who are the most common buyers on Audiojungle?

Hi, mates! As far as I couldn’t find a lot of information about my buyers I decide to ask your opinion - who are our buyers? Are they mostly video-blogers, compony employees or professional video producers? I understand that with hundreds of licenses sold daily there are all of them, but who buys on Audiojungle most often?

Thanks for your thoughts!


Hi! According to my personal observation, most buyers are videoproduction studios or video-freelancers.

Yes, I would agree with danyvin, it seems to be mostly video production companies

‘Yes, I would agree with danyvin, it seems to be mostly video production companies’

That’s been my experience but I’d be interested to who are the most common buyers of the big selling corporate style tracks (not having any of those myself :blush:)

…and marketing agencies.

And also vlogers and normal people who are creating videos for youtube. From time to time I find various brands which are probably creating self-promo or corporate videos (like Qatar Airways, British Army, few days ago Vimeo, even Envato :slight_smile: etc.). From time to time music goes to games creators.

Right now AudioJungle is losing the battle with movie publishers. There is a chance that your track will be in movie, but the most of “movie people” do not like to buy it on AJ because it’s hard to find more or less artistic pieces and because of insecure ownership rights.


In my experience, the most common buyer is the occasional buyer, people that are interested in one kind of music track that matches their potential project, is it not videobloggers because they need a tons of music so they prefer to pay one fee monthly for a lot of music rather than get an specific type of music.


…and from the perspective of audio logos & sound effects, they are:

  • Small & medium video production companies (but bigger studios still represents welcomed sales from time to time).

  • Game / app / software developers (all kinds of them).

  • The third category represent all other buyers: vloggers, theatres & schools, small shops & one person businesses, plus some surprising clients like weird divisions from country governments, churches with crazy long names, etc. I also witnessed a few audio book producers. It’s incredibly varied.

So, the more you grow a portfolio, the more the third category grows, but the bulk of the buyers remain in the first two categories (for me, at least). :slight_smile:


They can use one track from AJ in whole series :slight_smile: My Adrev finds some vlogers using my tracks.

That’s right! They buy occasionally my percussive tracks!

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I sometimes wonder how these churches can come up with such names! Divine intervention, maybe! :wink:

But seriously, so many people still need music & sounds. I find it cool to look at the variety of buyers. (I feared a bit for the future by the past, but I now think that the royalty free business will stay relatively healthy for many other years).

what I mean is not that vloggers doesn’t buy our music, what i meant is that they prefer to pay a fee monthly, but some times they just need one song so the buy ours. in that case I prefer to sell one of my songs a lot rather than put a ton of songs for a single fee.

From my little experience (I restart to upload on Audiojungle 1 month ago) I would say for me it’s 80% of agencies.

A lot of churches indeed. A lot more than I would have thought. All of them American… for some reason. Had one that had cow-boys and no-fences in its name, can’t make that up.

Also, universities, major brands, random people and some vloggers.

But the vast majority in my experience are indeed video production studios and freelancers.

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Mostly client that want to add audio for their website, bought theme from envato!

I totally agree with little video producer companies… I have communication with some of them and some of them have spoken to me about their preferences… AJ is a platform widely used by this community

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