Whmcs Whost Templates Buyy Envato Help pls

I am Turkish

https://themeforest.net/search/whost I created a skrill account to get this theme can you help me shop

Your current balance does not include US $ 102.00 charged with Mastercard® and cannot be used to pay sellers.
The warning above comes out

help please!

Please open a Help ticket. They will be happy to help.


when is the answer coming

It will depend on how many tickets the team has to process but hopefully it won’t be long :grin:



Seems to me it is your skrill account issue. So, please contact with your skrill account support. They will help you to fix this.


Dear, mgscoder

I have difficulty communicating with Skrill
I can send by email

you have to fix it from your skrill support and envato support can’t help about this concern when problem is skrill side. Go to your skrill account and submit a support ticket not direct email. Thanks

Have you tried to use your skrill master card as you have 102 Turkish Lira (TRY) in your master card. So, I think if you use master card you will be bale to pay and purchase. Thanks

first time I use skrill to get this theme

skrill account information with you

can you connect to my skrill account and try

please never share personal information to anyone. Only Support team is your right choice.