(WHMCS) What files should be uploaded inside the main template file

Hello there,

I’m trying to add my custom WHMCS template to my hosting template which is available on ThemeForest.

Should i upload the whole whmcs folder to my item on ThemeForest?
Or just the custom template’s folder only?

Because I tried to upload the custom template file only, and the reviewer left me this comment: Please attach the correct item files.

What should I do?

Check WHMCS website for the free theme files. You can download and check which files/folder needs to be uploaded ( file/folder structure )

For ALL FILES at ThemeForest, You’d need to upload everything.
For the Theme FILES, only the one those need to be uploaded.

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Thank you,

Themeforest needs only the custom template’s folder.

There was a problem that I attached the wrong zip file
This is what caused this error.
But now the template has been accepted.

Best regards :slight_smile: