WhiteSpace theme / Can not upload the theme in my site

Hi, I just bought the theme and I can not install the whitespace.zip file in my wp desk.
I tried with safari and chrome and it comes upload 100% and after when it has to contact the site
it doesn’t happen…

I tried to install it in other sites where I have other themes and I always have the same message of wp error.

What can you do about it?….I have lost a lot of time.

Can you take screen shot or copy message display when you install theme.
You should contact with author for help.

most likely you need to unzip it first ( I think it contains documentation, child theme, and the theme)

follow the instructions from document

I could installed it with the help of the author, thank you.But here I have a question for you:
When I want to activate Revolution Slider the purchase code from WhiteSpace theme doesn’t workIt suppose that I have to buy the RevolutionSlider
It doesn’t come include in the price? 696 279 472http://www.bymano.com

by default it should come with the plugin bundled

The only difference is that you can’t update it. The author needs to update the plugin, and the author should have an extended license or something similar … so talk with the author of the theme!

You do not get an individual license for the plugin - only the auhtor as that. You have the right to use is only within the theme.

As per above the author needs to release an update with the latest version.

HI Charlie,it had been the hole day trying to install this theme (during the weekend there is no support available).and still the slider doesn’t work and no answer or solution from Jane (person/robot) in GT3themes Help Forum,about why I can not activate the plugin.
I need to move on, the files just doesn’t work properly and I can not loose more time.

Please give me a solution, it is urgent.
Thank you, Mano

696 279 472http://www.bymano.com

The author are the people to help- having never seen or worked with the theme it’s hard for anyone else to advise on it.

That said they are a very reputable and experience author and the file would never have been approved of the slider didn’t work.

As mentioned earlier the theme and slider should just work out of the box without any kind of activation (that’s usually only for auto updates and not accessible to buyers). If it does require some form of activation this would be in the documentation.

  • Have you read and followed the documentation? I’d be very surprised if the slider installation was not covered in there and there may even be demo XML sliders included.

  • Have you installed the theme fully and the Rev slider plugin?

  • can you access the slider config (bottom right hand side of admin?

  • have you tried to create a slider and add slides?

Hi Charlie, thank you for your kind answer.
After trying for hours, I called an experimented computer guy and he could resolve all the issues, is impossible for me to explain it all.
Actually it was easy and fast, when you know how to do the things is easy ;-)When you don’t know and you have to deal with a robot all day, it became difficult.
Thank you again, Mano 696 279 472http://www.bymano.com