Whitelist Videos For Adrev

Ive recently started a youtube channel that creates backround/meditation music. Im close to the requirements to start youtube monetization, and I also want to register my music with Adrev like I have done with AJ music. Does anyone know if there is a way to whitelist my uploads from my YT channel on Adrev so that it doesn’t add copyright strikes to them? For the life of me I’ve tried to look into this with no luck ! If not how easy is it to preemptively clear these songs on YT ?

I would prefer to claim the ad revenue through youtube rather than Adrev, as I think I would recieve a greater cut this way. But I want to protect and potentially monetise using Adrev incase someone will steal my work and upload it themselves.

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Mmmm, I don’t know about AdRev but Identifyy/Haawk has an option for that. I was actually going to start uploading stuff to my abondoned YT channel and hoping that this process prevents all possible self-claims.

Here’s a caption. You enter the YT channel URL and that should do the trick in less than 72hs.