White Screen of Death

I have posted about this issue before.
I am on WP 4.6.1, the latest edition.
I am using (and paid for) the pluging WPBakery Visual Composer 4.12.1, just updated.
All other plugins have been updated.

When I try to create a new page or update an existing page I get the white screen of death. I was told in this forum several times before to increase the memory allocation. I did. I did again. I had our developers triple the allocation above the published requirements. Still the white screen of death. I have paid for this software and it continues to not work properly.

It’s a problem with your theme or another plugin, turn on wp_debug (link) and it will tell you why it’s giving a white screen, memory allocation is one of the causes but you shouldn’t have been told to upgrade it without someone finding the root cause of the issue first as it may not be a server issue.

Once you know the issues, you can diagnose and fix it

Under the assumption that VC itself does not trigger any fatal PHP errors (at least, it doesn’t on any of my sites), it stands to reason that the issue is in fact related to your server settings.

When you say you increased the PHP memory several times … how did you do that? Did you (or your developer) basically just change the number in your php.ini/wp-config.php file? Because if so, have in mind that the amount of memory specified in those files is only a REQUEST to your server.

It is up to your server to actually fulfill that. And particularly on shared (lower end) hosting plans, your hosting company will only allow up to a maximum amount of memory, and no matter how much you are requesting, you will never get more than that. So check with your hosting service to see what the maximum possible amount of PHP memory based on your specific hosting plan actually is.

If your server is also set up to maintain an error.log file, you should check there as well, as all encountered errors will be listed there. Setting your WP into debug mode can also help, but using an actual error.log file through the server directly will be much more helpful.

Thanks Gareth. The Debug page says dont do it on a live site, so I will forward this to my developers so they can run it on the dev. servers.

Thanks Tekanewa, we are on a gold-level MS Azure server so plenty of room, provided it was all allocated appropriately. I will forward this to my dev team too.

You can get it to input the errors to an error log instead of on screen so you can see the errors without affecting the site, also the errors should be able to be seen in the php error log in your server

I am not a developer, so many thanks for your replies but all I can do is pass them along.