White Label Version of VideoHive or the Envato Marketplace?



I was just wondering… is it possible to somehow use the Envato API to create a white-label version of one or more of the Envato Marketplaces as a referral type thing?

I have my own website that promotes my Envato portfolio and has a bunch of other space and astronomy like stuff. Rather than somebody going elsewhere if they can’t find something suitable on my site… I thought it would be nice to have a search feature within the site itself. Maybe one that only displays items with certain keywords relating to space, astronomy and sci-fi stuff.

I know I can just link to the site with my referral link, but it would be nice to have some kind of one-stop shop action going on.



You can use the api to pull in stuff from the marketplaces but you can’t make it truly whitelabel in that the user still needs to go to the Marketplaces to make the purchase.

A very basic idea of a search engine for the marketplaces - seach by marketplace, then category and then a search of that area - http://wpthemes4u.co.uk/demo/api

There is a WP plugin (not sure if it’s been kept updated) which lets you add stuff to your site from the marketplaces.


Sure, I guessed they’d have to purchase through the actual site, but I was hoping to handle it just up to the point where it’s ‘buy now’ or ‘add to basket’, and then it’s over to the boys and girls at Envato. Good stuff, thanks for your help!


You can get most of the product information from the api, adding a link saying buy now is really simple… I want to find time to finish the script off and use it commercially :smile: