White Bar at the Top of Homepage

A few days ago we noticed a white bar at the top of the homepage, like if there was an ad banner, but all blank. This is only in the homepage, not on other pages like profile or items. Is anyone else seeing this? Is this a bug? we forced refresh, but the bar is still there. Here’s a screenshot:


Hi @Odin_Design ,

Thanks for reporting.
Yes, I also can see this bugs and found this is happening only for logged in users. @rosssimpson please can you check this.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @mgscoder ! Are you still seeing the bar? Because it disappeared for us for a few days, but now it’s been back for the last few days.

from my side white bar at the top gone.

I have this white space on mobile

in my iphone there is no such things. All is fine here.

Oops, forgot to write:
Google chrome 90.0.4430.66
Android 8.0.0; MIX Build/OPR1.170623.032

fine from my side. you can update chrome to 90.0.4430.72 then clear browser cache and check.
Also you can check back tomorrow (give time to clear envato cdn cache).

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You’re all using ad-blockers, and it’s blocking the ad at the top, haha! That’s my fastest conclusion, but could be mistaken? Try disabling ad-blockers / reload without content blocker and see if you’re still getting it.

That was a good guess, but sadly, didn’t worked! :slight_smile: Also, we were able to see the banners before, so unless Envato changed something, we don’t think it’s that.
@mgscoder when you had the white bar, did you have adblock enabled?

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If you are still on the issue I would like to recommend contact author support with screenshot. they are the right team to check it with dev team.

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