While Answering An Invoice Request...

HiFriends, & @natman @Danga12 (I have posted it to general forum so that may others also need this info)

Just received a request from one of our customers to send them the "invoice"of their purchase.
We did, but our item is $19(This is the price they have paid) and the number they see on the Invoice confuses them, which is $15.2

Naturally, they have sent a message to us as “this is not the amount we have paid, we were paid $19”

Now, what should we (or they) do?
They need a document (or documents) to show all the costs.

You can make your own invoice.


they got two invoices

one “from” you ($15.2) and one from envato with the buyer fee ($3.8)

both are accessible through buyer on his statement page


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Hi @Bedros, as explained by @themac (thank you!), when buyers make a purchase they receive two invoices - one for the item license and support where applicable (which will be for the same amount as the invoice you shared) and one for the buyer fee. The amounts shown on both invoices should add up to the item list price ($19 in your example). Please feel free to pass this info along to them as well as the link to this help center article which includes instructions for viewing and downloading historic invoices.

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot, @natman @Danga12 ; :slightly_smiling:

Also please can you friends post a screenshot of a “general / example” invoice to let us see which parts of our private info shown to our buyers ?
In other words, An example “invoice view” from the buyers’ perspective?

  • a screenshot of an example invoice from a buyer’s perspective with the option “Hide your personal identity” checked (Settings > Invoice & Credit Note Settings)

  • a screenshot of an example invoice from a buyer’s perspective with the option “Hide your personal identity” UNchecked (Settings > Invoice & Credit Note Settings)

As I was already asked the thread below…:
Thanks for all your help and wish you a great year :slightly_smiling:

Yes, as said @Bedros please share some dummy screenshots for invoices.

I can confirm you are not seeing the author personal identity on the buyer invoice (where the setting is to hide it)

I have purchased on January 1st an item and the only thing I see on the buyer invoice is the author username and a link to the author’s market profile:

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Thanks @greenline :+1: I am seeing there is Author “Real” Name and Profile Link. ?

I blurred it thinking that the complete username doesn’t matter…

It’s not the author real name there (“above the Envato for VAT purposes”).
It’s his username as used on the market.

Like this:

username ( username )

Wow, thanks for detailed information @greenline :wink:

Gooood :slight_smile:
Then what’s the difference between “hidingThePrivacy” or not doing it?

( @greenline thanks very much)