Which zip application is commonly used for uploading?

Which zip application is best for uploading files to audio jungle?

winrar latest version

If you use Mac, I recommend you Keka. http://www.kekaosx.com/en/

  • it is free
  • and probably the best.

I use Jzip. It was the first one I found after searching for something that wasn’t 7zip, Izarc or Winzip (the ‘naughty list’ when it comes to uploading to Envato) and it’s worked fine since I’ve had it.

Winrar is my fav. you can download it from here (only for winodws)

Thanks so much …I downloaded WinRAR and zipped my file but when I go to upload I keep getting error message.
•Audio Files Included must be set

What does that mean?

7-Zip is all right.

How is that alright? They tell you not to use it.

you must upload wav & mp3 files

and that means you need to select this 2 options. “MP3, WAV” image

Ok …thank you so much! I will try that now!

That worked…thank you again!

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help!

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I was using 7zip on windows.