Which WordPress theme framework you are use?



Which WordPress theme framework you are use and why? Which you have tried and don’t use anymore and also why?


Im also interesting in this question today,


I do have too.


I use vafpress and layerswp


Why? Which features you like? Why you are using both and which in which case?


Vafpress is a nice framework for Theme Options panel, metaboxes and shortcodes while layerswp is an awesome page builder built with WordPress customizer. Visual Composer is also awesome in replacement of Layerswp :slight_smile:


We using Unyson.
Lots of built in extensions. like page builder, Megamenu, Backup & demo content, SEO … so on
Here is the live demo


Yep, i’ve heared many great things about unuson and seriously thinking to use in my next project


And what you are using now?


its something i’ve built for my self but i don’t like it,
as a options framework i use redux


I’m using my own framework :smiley:


At left side there “Choose a style:” block. It is also built-in feature?


highly recommend it, I use for almost of my theme


Underscores - it’s simple and pretty standard.