Which version of Storefront Pro should i choose?

Hi folks.
We are going to buy Storefront Pro but are not sure which one.
There is Storefront Pro for WordPress e-Commerce and there is Storefront Pro — A Responsive Business Template.
We want to be able to remove the stock numbers from our categories and ideally do a few other fancy things that could help the look of the website.
Any suggestions for which one?
We are not IT experts but a long shot.
Thanks for the help.

Hey @Happybookshop,

The different versions are to cater to different platforms.

If you’re using WordPress, then the WordPress E-commerce version is the go.

If you’re wanting to use Shopify, then the shopify version is your golden ticket.

Finally, the Responsive Business template is a HTML site template.

So the million dollar question is… What are you building your website on? :slight_smile:

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Hi @matthewcoxy
We use Woocommerce and built the site on WordPress, so the E-commerce is going to be the one to get.
Thanks for the help

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