Which theme should be perfect?

Hello community!
I really hope your suggestions will help me.
The template i’m looking for must give a vision like a group of companies, all together based in a “campus”.
Each company has a sector. One company for the event, one for food, one for technology, one for travelling.
And each company has a team… but… members can be present in more than one company.
So my idea is to have a table with all members. If you “choose” a service, for example food event, the table will filter the pictures with the team dedicated for the job! You wanna also a website? cool, will be added some guys to the table!
do i never will find something similar?
Someone here is able to produce for me considering some example?
thank you!!!

no reply? :cry:

The concept of having multiple ‘members’ that are filterable is not too hard e.g. http://modernteamshowcase.com/ - just choose city/job title etc and staff change.

The issue will be the visual design that you have in mind. It does not sound like something you will find anywhere short of custom designing it. You need to be 110% clear what you want and brief it properly.